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Lawyer Nguyen Van Hien Phuc, Director of Becamex Law Firm raises his concern to the Director of the Department of Home Affairs of Binh Duong province about administrative reform, staffs downsizing

Continuing the program of the 4th meeting session - Provincial People's Council term IX, morning July 14th Mr. Mai Son Dung - Director of Department of Home Affairs interrogated about administrative reform and staffs downsizing of Binh Duong.

​Public office modernization

Delegate Lawyer Nguyen Van Hien Phuc, Director of  Becamex Law Firm (Ben Cat District Delegation) interrogated about modernization of public offices and information technology application in state agencies. Mr. Mai Son Dung responded that, in recent years, the province has invested in construction and repair of administrative offices in the province more clean and beautiful, investment in synchronization of working equipment. Especially, the operation of Binh Duong Province Administration Center has facilitated the transaction activities of people and organizations, contributing to creating image and position of civilized and modern administrative agencies of the province.

Delegate, Lawyer Nguyen Van Hien Phuc, Director of Becamex Law Firm (Representative of Ben Cat District) interrogated about modernization of public offices. Photo: Quoc Chien

Implement e-government program and Public Administration Reform Program for 2016-2020, the application of information technology in the work process of each administrative agency, between state administrative agencies together and in transactions with organizations and individuals continue to be promoted. This has contributed to improving work efficiency in solving administrative procedures, creating a transparent and modern administrative environment, contributing to staffs downsizing.

However, the application of information technology in state administrative agencies has some difficulties such as: the level of information technology of some civil servants is still limited, and the habit of using paper documents when solving work; the legality of electronic documents is not high when they exist in parallel with paper documents; people do not have the habit of using online services to carry out administrative transactions… Therefore, parallel with the process of modernizing the administration, it is necessary to train and foster the contingent of civil servants who have good moral qualities, professional expertise and professional activities to meet the requirements of work, at the same time, combined implementation of streamlining officials and civil servants have limited capacity.

More information at:  https://eng.binhduong.gov.vn/Lists/TinTucSuKien/ChiTiet.aspx?ID=1883&PageIndex=1&CategoryId=Departments%27%20Activities&InitialTabId=Ribbon.Read